Tjep. creates Bronze Age

This skeletal furniture by Dutch design studio Tjep. is made from bronze in an effort to create a collection of objects “totally opposite to the technology-driven trends” in design

Led by studio founder Frank Tjepkema, Tjep. designed a series of spindly hand-crafted furniture pieces in bronze; “the material that represents the dawn of civilisation”.

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“When silence is prolonged over a certain period of time, it takes on new meaning.”
Yukio Mishima, Thirst for Love

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“At first writers like Jean Genet, Yukio Mishima and George Bataille sparked my interest in writing. They all share a way of elevating very foul, depraved circumstances and thinking, into this beautiful and ecstatic glory” - Elias Bender Rønnenfelt

“i do not feel like asking mine anonymously ... so here i go favorite film,food,time of year, smell, color, and historical figure ...”

Favorite film:

A Single Man. I guess.

Favorite food:


Favorite time of year:

Early spring, when all of the plants are coming alive, the sun’s out, and the rain falls, but the air’s still cold. Either that or late Summer, during the transition from “hot and bright and lively” to “cold and dead and dreary”.

They’re kind of the same thing in my mind.

Favorite Smell:

Can’t pick.

Favorite color:


Favorite historical figure:

“If you could change your personality to make it easier to fit in, would you? Why or why not?”

Hell no. When compared to my desire for self-authenticity and honesty, my desire to fit in smoothly doesn’t even register. Even as a little kid, my attitude was completely opposed to doing anything in order to be less visible, to fade into the background. I was unabashedly (sometimes belligerently) individualistic and resisted any attempts or instruction to be “more like your classmates” with spite, contempt and indignation.

Now my responses are a lot less childish, and for the most part the only way I stand out is by dress or demeanor, since it’s rare that I’m in any situation where I even have the option of talking. Seems like 90% of my public interactions consist solely of existing around other people for a brief, transitory moment while we both try to get to where we’re supposed to be.

Nods, “thank you”s to people who held open a door for you, and quick (or sometimes not-so quick) glances don’t really say a lot about what a person’s like on an individual level.

My petulant “need” to stand out is now pretty much gone, but my receptivity to the idea/practice of self-censorship for the sake of fitting in or passing off as ordinary remains nonexistent.

“tumblr crushes ? and fav blogs”

I did that once and a couple people were upset by drastically varying degrees, so I try to avoid that sort of thing now.

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